Capturing Love

by Monique Beauchamp Doll

Valentine’s Day is often thought of as the time of romance and love-a time to send flowers, candy, and love letters. Maybe Valentine’s Day should be about discovering all the reasons why you love someone, including yourself. This year why not use Valentine’s Day to start a journal or a memory jar?

Valentine’s Day Journal:

A journal is a great way to organize your thoughts and memories. With journal writing, you can focus on any topic. You could even select a different topic each month. For February, and with love in the air, how about using some of these prompts?

  • I know I am loved because
  • If there were more love in the world . . .
  • I show my love toward other by . . . .
  • My family is important because . . . .
  • I can practice showing love by . . . .
  • One thing I love about myself is…

You can use your journal to remember things you love or use it as a guide to help you reach your goals.

Memory Jar:

Here’s another great idea that includes the whole family. Find a jar, a bucket, or a pail. Use your creativity to decorate it. Place the jar in a centrally located position – on the kitchen counter, on the coffee table, maybe make more than one and place it next to everyone’s bed? Make sure to include a pen and some paper next to the jar. (Tape the pen to a string and attach it to the jar, so it doesn’t get moved)  You can cut strips of colored paper or use post-it notes. Any paper will work.

What do you put in it? Your memories. When someone in the family celebrates something, jot it down on the paper and toss it in the jar. Momentos from a special event go in the jar. Found a cool seashell on the beach? Put it in the jar. It can be smaller things too – your sister made you laugh, your brother lost his first tooth, you found a beautiful flower – all of these things should go in the memory jar.

What do you do with the memories? On the next Valentine’s Day, everyone gathers around, and you read all of the memories in the jar from the previous year. What a beautiful way to experience love.


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