Our Why

Terri Whitmire | Founder

It all started in 2015 with three published authors who decided to create a program that would appeal to their younger selves. Terri, Donnetta, and Kesha harbored dreams of becoming writers from an early age but found no avenues to nurture their passion. Unfortunately, schools and clubs focused solely on athletics, science, or art, neglecting the realm of creative writing. Determined to rectify this oversight, they embarked on a mission for change. They decided to create a program they wished existed when they were kids.

The journey began in 2015 when founder Terri Whitmire established a for-profit after-school club called Fun Creative Writing. As a five-time published author and CEO of Writers Tablet Publishing Agency, she began sharing her writing knowledge to elementary aged students. The inaugural school, Shallowford Falls, served as the starting point, coincidentally attended by Terri Whitmire’s children and recognized as a Blue Ribbon School of Excellence in East Cobb, Marietta.  Additional schools came on board in the following years, including a partnership with Cobb EMC Foundation that would have them visiting over 20 elementary schools during Author’s Week.  

The team was adamant about ensuring that this opportunity was accessible to all, regardless of their location or financial circumstances. Motivated by a commitment to rectify the demographic disparity within their classes, the team embarked on a pivotal decision. They dedicated their personal time, talents, and resources to expanding their program to Title 1 schools and organizations like the Boys and Girls Club, offering it at no cost to parents.

In 2018, the nonprofit LIFT 2 Enrich was established. Recognizing the void in opportunities for creative thinkers and writers, they strive to bridge that gap, ignite creativity, and empower every child to realize their dreams. Joining forces with them means ensuring that every voice is amplified, every dream is nurtured, and every child is equipped to flourish. 


Our Mission

LIFT2Enrich is a 501c3 organization founded in 2018 by five-time author and writing coach Terri Whitmire.  As the executive director, her goal is to elevate creative writing in all young people by:

  • Supporting children writers with our nationwide programs
  • Fostering excellence in education for all students

Our Record

  • Long history of success producing young authors, scriptwriters, movie critics as well as supporting Common Core/Milestone curriculum.
  • Meeting the demands of disenfranchised communities and establishing equity in education
  • Highly experienced in delivering quality distance learning programs
  • Offering working parents in-person or virtual programs that inspire creativity and elevate their children’s writing skills.
  • Received state proclamation from Georgia’s Governor Nathan Deal
  • Our program has been acknowledged by Senator David Perdue (seen in picture), The Georgia Department of Education, and U.S. Congressman Tim Price. 

Our Results

  • Increasing job readiness and cultivating a healthy workforce with real-world writing skills
  • Nurturing the creativity and ingenuity of all children which destroys the unconscious bias placed on children of color
  • Providing a healthy outlet which prevents students from disengaging in school, leading to poor grades, increased dropout, and risky behavior.

We are headquartered in Marietta, Georgia, serving students nationwide.


Having strong writing skills is an indicator of future success – it is a pathway to meaningful, higher-earning jobs and to a positive, stable, and productive future. Won’t you join our mission?

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