Board Members

Various professions are represented on Lift2Enrich’s Board of Directors. Cumulatively, senior leadership has over seventy-five years of experience in program management, education, professional writing, and evaluation. The Board is charged with the overall governance and performance of organizational work, as well as financial oversight. Board members participate in strategic planning, financial monitoring, and individual and large-scale fundraising.

Terri Whitmire

Executive Director

Rebecca Baumann

Vice Chair

Christopher Thurman


Gia Compton


Christal Cherry

Board Member

Nakita Rowell Stevens

Board Member

Yolanda Hunter

Board Member

Willie Whitmire

Board Member

Georomeeta Byrd

Board Member


Having strong writing skills is an indicator of future success – it is a pathway to meaningful, higher-earning jobs and to a positive, stable, and productive future. Won’t you join our mission?

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