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I lay there in my sister’s comforting arms, trembling, wishing I wasn’t even alive. I had once felt safe in my grandparents’ luxurious house, but ever since the never ending storm rolled in I’ve been trembling in my sister’s arms

“How can you be so brave? I’m just a very small ten year-old who’s a coward. I wish I was just like you,” I said in a shaky voice.

“You’re just like any brave explorer, but your heart is the most loving of them all,” my sister said.

I felt as if she was lying, but then looked up at an inspired face and saw that it had not a shred of guile at all. Then suddenly an enormous “BOOM” rang out.

When our parents and grandparents heard the terrifying sound they ran toward us. I tried to run to them but I couldn’t. My sister and I were frozen against our will. We watched with eyes glued on the horrifying scene as our family got sucked up one by one and vanished.

We sat there frozen as a dark and very old figure stepped out of the shadows and into the open. That was when I saw the most wrinkled face ever. Olivia grabbed my arm. It shocked me but then I quickly recovered.

“You can move now. It was her that made us freeze but you can move now,” Olivia whispered in a soft voice.

“Hello there.  If it ain’t the two lads I came here to take back to Grindilla. Won’t she be happy?  Four souls and two children!” the figure said in a cracked voice.

My sister let go of me scrambled out from underneath the table, forced me in her arms like a baby, put her hand on my chest and I transformed! My hair turned blue. I was wearing a white ribbed shirt and sky blue ribbed pants. My blood turned cold. I was now standing. I looked at my new spear, wrapped in leather, and it had a sharp tip made out of never melting ice. Then I looked up at Olivia. She looked like a warrior princess.

Her hair was bright red. She was wearing a gorgeous dress made out of robes.  It flowed down to her knees. She had leather boots, a bow and arrow, and a sword. As Olivia’s red hair hovered above her shoulders, I noticed a small engraving of fire on her bow. I turned back to see the figure shaking with fear and anger.

“I will get you back!” the old lady screamed. She turned, looked at me and Olivia and vanished.

“Who was that? What’s wrong with us? Where’s Mom, Dad, Grandma, and Grandpa?” I asked in confusion.

“I’ll tell you everything once we get out of the house,” was the reply from Olivia.

Once outside, I almost fainted. There were huge mountains, plains, and trees. I started to ask more questions when Olivia signaled to be quiet.

Suddenly, SWOOOSH! As Olivia whistled, a dragon landed on the house, slid down the tile roof and tumbled right in front of Olivia.

“Ahhhh!” I screamed. As you might think, I was terrified.

“What’s wrong with you? You’re going to scare Tarby!” my sister yelled.

“You named that at thing Tarby?” I yelled right back. By the time I got finished with my sentence, Olivia’s hair was in flames, her eyes were burning red, and she was already on Tarby.

“Come ON! “Olivia yelled with a very powerful voice that I had never heard before. I slowly scrambled up on to Tarby.

“Hang on!” Olivia yelled proudly.

“Wait! Where do I hang– “I was cut off by the sudden jerk of movement made by Tarby.

“Whoo hoo!!” Olivia yelled. Suddenly we were soaring above the clouds. The sun looked enormous.

“Freeze a cloud!!” Olivia yelled above the noise as Tarby flapped his powerful wings.

“But I don’t know how to do that!” I yelled back. Then suddenly, as if by instinct, I grabbed my staff, aimed the tip at a cloud, and suddenly POW!! Ice shot out of the tip and hit the cloud! Then it started to fall, and Tarby shot down towards it like a bullet, snatched it up in his claws and let it pull him down.

“Pull him up! Pull him up!” I screamed, horrified. By then we were plunging down like a rocket!

“Let, go!” Olivia grabbed my arm tight, and let go of Tarby.

“Ahh! You’re crazy! Do you need a doctor?  You’re crazy!” I screamed.

Tarby was now on the ground and had made a crater.

“We’re going to end up just like that except smooshed.”

“Make a slide out of ice,” my sister said clumsily.

“OK!” I shouted back. I imagined a slide and Bam! I shot ice from my staff. At first it was just ice then it grew and grew until it formed a slide. Then I hit the slide with a lot of force. I was sliding down head first on my belly.

“HELP! I’m gonna die!” I shouted with fear. I looked to my left and saw Olivia flip three times and land with no problem with her feet. She ripped her bow off of her and took an arrow and shot right at me.

“Grab the arrow when it sticks to the ice to break your fall!” Olivia shouted.

Right then the arrow hit the ice right above me. I reached out to grab it but missed. Then my head hit the dirt ground and everything went black.

I woke up dazed, in the same place where I fell unconscious. Olivia and Tarby watching over me.

“You have questions.” Olivia states, while helping me up.

“Too many,” I groan. Olivia gracefully climbs onto Tarby and offers a helping hand. She hoists me up and almost immediately we start to climb up in the air.

“So where are we?” I ask.


“What’s with the red glowing hair and super power?” I question.

“Remember when I put my hand on your chest and you and I changed?” She questioned.

I nod.

“I contacted Tarby to tell him to take off our disguises so you could see who you really were and use your powers,” she said as if it were an everyday fact.

“Ohh! But why the hand on my chest?” I press on.

“Tarby channeled the power through my hand into your chest to take off our disguises,” she said.

“How did we get powers?” I ask, dumfounded by how easily she was able to answer my questions.

“I don’t—“she’s cut off when Tarby ROARS, which was hopefully for joy.

I look down and spot the old lady that just tried to attack us.

“The Unbeloved Witch,” Olivia mutters.

“Is that her name?” I ask.



“Ask your questions after the attack!” Olivia screams. Before I can press on, Olivia grabs my arm and throws both of us off of Tarby.

“Ahhhh!” I scream. Then I remember what had happened last time, so I point my staff at the ground. Ice bursts out with such force that it sends me flying back three feet in the air. Olivia’s feet hit the tip of the slide and she surfs safely to the bottom waiting for me. When I arrive, Tarby is behind Olivia. Then, the Unbeloved Witch (to me it’s more like the Creepy Old Lady) starts slithering towards us like an eel.

“Hello! If it isn’t the two little lads! My, how you’ve both grown since the last time I saw—“ the Unbeloved Witch is cut off when a roar of things and some humans came running right toward her and us! Olivia’s grin reaches her eyes. The Unbeloved Witch screeched a horrible thing and disappeared in a puff of smoke.

Olivia runs faster than I ever thought possible towards the crowd and jumps into the arms of a waiting buffalo standing on his hind legs.

“You! Who are you things?” I scream.

Olivia looks at me and I shut up. The buffalo laughs.

“We are the rightful citizens of this land and not the Unbeloved Witch,” the buffalo said in a booming voice. I look at my sister for help but all she does is stare at me with green eyes that I had never seen before.

“I’m sorry,” she mouths. Then everybody looks at her and mutters at the same time.


Olivia looks at me and says, “Once there was a king who was enemies with the Unbeloved Witch and made a prophesy that a boy of blue hair and a girl of red would stop his enemy, but only for the good of the citizens. That’s us.”

Then everything goes out of my vision and I faint.

I wake up and scream, “OW! HOT!  STOP!” I look up and see Olivia’s hand on my chest.  “I’m awake if that’s what you want!”  I said sarcastically. 

Olivia grabbed my arm and took me to a tent with a flag of a great blue star.  We dove into the tent.  The big buffalo greeted us and announced our arrival to all the other things and some humans that were in the tent with us.  As soon as everyone calmed down, Olivia stated the problem about the Unbeloved Witch.  Then everybody gave suggestions about what we should do about her.  Then, when I thought everybody was going to burst, I stood up and yelled at the top of my lungs, “WAR! WE NEED WAR TO SOLVE THIS PROBLEM! THAT’S WHAT SHE WANTS, SO GIVE IT TO HER!”  Everybody turned and looked at me.  Then Olivia broke the silence and said, “All in favor of Nico’s idea, say ‘Yes.’”  Then almost everybody raised their right hand and said, “Yes!”  Olivia looked at me and gave me an approving look as we walked out of the tent. 


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