This Giving Tuesday, join the movement at LIFT 2 Enrich, Inc and be the driving force behind positive change for our undeserved students.

Why Your Giving Matters:

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Preventing Dropouts:

 High school dropout rates are alarming. Your Giving Tuesday contribution provides vital support for these students to stay in school and flourish.

Fostering Success:

Our programs go beyond education, instilling confidence and kindling passions for attainable careers where exceptional writing is essential.

Preventing Risky Behavior:

Your Giving Tuesday involvement actively guides at-risk youth away from risky behaviors, creating a safe space for growth.

Preventing Dropouts:

 High school dropout rates are alarming. Your Giving Tuesday contribution provides vital support for these students to stay in school and flourish.

Join the Giving Tuesday Movement:

Your Giving Tuesday support transcends a donation; it’s an investment in the future of these 50 students.

How You Can Give:

Click the donate button or choose a team to direct your donation towards and become a beacon of hope this Giving Tuesday. Every contribution, whether big or small, creates a significant impact.

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Supporters Making a Difference: LIFT 2 Enrich Fundraiser

These dedicated supporters are actively raising funds for LIFT 2 Enrich. We express our deepest gratitude for prioritizing literacy and supporting our mission. To contribute, please click on the team member who invited you to our fundraiser. Your support fuels our commitment to enriching lives through literacy. Thank you for being a part of this impactful journey.

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Testimonials: Why they LIFT 2 Enrich

Rebecca Baumann

My name is Rebecca Baumann and I started supporting LIFT2Enrich about five years ago.  As a journalist, I know the value of good writing skills. I also think the ability to express thoughts in writing builds on a positive self-esteem. I make a point to volunteer at a few events each year because it’s really fun to watch the kids work through the creative writing exercises. I can see how excited they get when an idea hits and they can’t wait to get it down on paper to share. This last time, I also got to read to the group. It was a perfect story about a scary monster in the closet!  But volunteers are the icing to a program like this. To make it reliable and impactful, we need financial support to hire the amazing teachers that organize and lead the work. The more donations, the more LIFT can do. The more kids it can reach. I hope you will consider supporting LIFT today.

Rebecca Bauman
11Alive News Reporter

Chinua Joi Ivey

I recall the time I presented the poetry of Eloise Greenfield along with jazz, dance movements, and art to local elementary students. Seeing their little fingers snapping to the beat and their inspired drawings reminded me of the importance we all share in helping young people to dream BIG! Lift2Enrich provides caring spaces for diverse children and youth to grow in confidence, find their voices, and develop leadership qualities that will take them far in life. 

Chinua Joi Ivey 
President, Ivey Media Agency

Thadd, Crissy Mcguire & Family

As an educator and coach to many, literacy is very important. It is a path that leads to many ends and limitless journeys for our youth. The primary reason that we support Lift2Enrich is because of the intent and passion behind the organization. To bring awareness to the different facets of literacy to young minds, is so valuable. The experience that the participants have is not only engaging but very relative for them to make connections between their creative minds and the reality of how much literacy surrounds them every day.

Willie Whitmire

I believe in the power of education. I also know first-hand how education can improve the life of our black youth.  It has been a very rewarding experience working with LIFT2Enrich. I am looking forward to adding the financial literacy program for students in 2023.

Terri Whitmire
(with LIFT2Enrich graduating authors)

The voice of our youth is vitally important.  When we provide a platform for students to express themselves creatively, their confidence explodes and imagination soars. I am very proud of all the work done across Georgia to build important writing skills and show students the relevance of great writing.  

Georrometta Byrd

This Giving Tuesday, I support the Lift2Enrich Organization. They are actively serving kids in our community teaching them how to creatively express themselves through different writing avenues. I’ve watched these kids have so much fun creating that they don’t even realize their writing and communication skills are being sharpened along the way. This organization is producing young authors and film industry talents. I’m honored to be a part of it. 

Dean and Donnetta Booker

I am a proud supporter of LIFT, Inc. because I believe in the power of literacy.  Literacy unlocks imagination, opens doors, and shapes the future, so, naturally, it is best to embrace this power at a young age. Thus, LIFT, Inc. is committed to creating programs and curriculums that bring literacy to children and teach them the value of literacy in ways that are creative, fun and exciting. I believe that all great leaders are great readers, and I am confident that LIFT, Inc. is doing its part to create successful leaders for generations to come.  

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