Elevating the next generation of creative writers with programs that prepare students for the real world.


Goal #1

Cultivate creative writing skills in students to build a strong foundation for higher level writing.

Goal #2

Build student confidence in their ability to communicate effectively.

Goal #3

Develop a partnership with schools and other community organizations.

Lift2Enrich services all socioeconomic backgrounds, including disadvantaged students and at-risk youth.

We service those students who are creative thinkers but currently have no one to mentor their growth. Our writing mentorship programs nurture student creativity and build confidence. Additionally, the LIFT2Enrich programs expose our future changemakers to some of the careers that require skilled writers.

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We Elevate Our Students’ Writing

Our programs offer a diverse array of creative writing-based activities that are culturally, linguistically, and age appropriate. Through our 6- and 12-week programs, our students become authors, scriptwriters, advertising agents, entrepreneurs, and movie critic bloggers. We also provide one-day workshops, assemblies, and teaching residencies.

We Mentor Our Students

What began as an idea conceptualized by published author, wife,  and mother of three, Terri Whitmire, has over a seven-year period facilitated writing workshops, enrichment programs, online learning, and other writing-based activities.

In essence, we work to ensure Georgia youth achieve their goals and become healthy, resilient, and engaged members of our community.

Readers of All Levels Will Benefit

Although we are not a remedial tutoring program, we have found that our curriculum absolutely complements what is taught in school and helps students excel in writing. We work with students from all economic backgrounds who show an interest in writing. These students are serviced at their schools, community centers, government services (i.e. foster care), clubs, Scouts, homes (for homeschoolers), and various organizations.

We Set High Expectations

We provide workshops in writing that focus on improving a student’s writing competency. Lift2Enrich writing coaches work with students on topic organization, outlining, writing style, proofreading, and editing. In addition, Lift2Enrich provides assistance in a range of academic activities including assigned book reports, research papers, college entrance essays, and other written assignments.

We Build Confidence

We provide an outlet for creative students to express themselves through their writing. Our students engage in real-world projects that showcase the various forms of writing. We enrich the lives of creative students by giving them space to learn real-world writing skills and showcase their work.

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