Did you know March 21st is Absolutely Incredible Kid’s Day?  It is also Books by Kids Week, a  proclamation awarded to us from the governor of  Georgia. We are thrilled to celebrate both by showcasing two incredible young authors. They are talented, creative, and incredible students who love writing. One is on her way to becoming a published author at age 11, and the other a sixteen-year-old who will publish her second book this spring.

Let me introduce to you Cristiana Nevaeh McGuire. She began her writing career at the age of 13 with the publication of her first book, Magic C.A.S.E.S.: A Rocky Start. She expanded her writing by completing three poems and a short story selected for publication in The Valiant Literary Journal. Her parents, who are both athletes, contacted me because they had no idea how to nurture their child’s writing gift. After reading a sample of her writing, I found she possessed an undeniable raw talent and solid grasp for storytelling. Not only does Cristiana write, but she is a talented artist. Even with her already busy life, she finds time to participate in her school’s history club, track team, varsity softball team, and her church’s youth council. Her latest book Magic C.A.S.E.S Bring on the Elements, is due out Spring 2021. You can visit her website at nevaehmcguire.com.

Next, I’d like to introduce you to Margaret Hawk.  She is an exceptional 5th-grade student with oodles of writing talent.  She has been writing stories from a very young age. But, it was summer 2020 when her dad reached out to me regarding his daughter’s writing ability. He sent me a sample of her latest story, and I was truly blown away by the maturity and skill in her writing. Margaret was enrolled in our writing course and worked one on one with me as her writing coach.  Her book “Not a Liar” is due to be released the summer of 2021.

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