For Children

1. The Match Game

That bag of mismatch socks is perfect for such a time as this. Make a game of it and give them ten cents for every match.  For those unmatched or worn socks, have your kids use them to make a family of sock puppets.

2. Put a Fork In It

Is someone eating toast while grabbing a fork. It’s the only explanation for all those crumbs that live at the bottom of the utensil drawer. Have the kiddos remove everything from the drawer, then vacuum and wipe down the drawer and container.  Lastly, have them organize the utensils neatly in the correct section.

3. Storage Containers Match Up

Your headache can turn into a scavenger hunt for your kids. Have kids locate all storage containers then stack them neatly with their matching lids.  Unmatched containers can be used in the kids’ room to hold hair ties, beads, crayons, pins, Legos, or anything else that ends up getting stuck in the vacuum.

4. Outdoor Obstacle Course

Your kids will have fun building their ultimate ninja warrior obstacle course. Use ropes, old tires, cones, balls, buckets, or whatever “safe” item they can find around the house or garage.

5. Family Wall Mural

That wall in your house has needed painting for the last five years. Let your kids use it to create a family mural. Use tape to section off the drawing area and let them create a masterpiece. Encourage them to add a favorite quote, scripture, or family mantra.

For Teens

1. The Car Wash

If the weather cooperates, send your teens outside to wash your car. Surprise your neighbor, and if their vehicle is parked outside, wash theirs too.

2. The Right Words

Kind messages can brighten someone’s day. Have your teens write one a sticky note and place them on your neighbor’s mailbox. Be sure to only post it on the outside of the mailbox.

3. Yard Sign

Spread positivity, inspire someone, or make them lol with your teens’ homemade yard sign. Post it in front of your house, community, or closest intersection.

4. Mr. Postman

Take it back to the old school days and write a letter. Reach out to your peeps (family, friends, or those serving in the armed forces).

5. What’s Old Is New

Have teens sort through their closet and drawers. Pull out old clothes they do not want, and have a virtual online hand-me-down party with younger relatives or friends. Creative kids can also upcycle old clothes into a modern piece they will once again love.


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