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2022 Summer Camp FLyer
Anniversary Fundraiser Celebration


Toys, Targets, and Taglines

Campers learn how strong creative writing can be used in advertising. Students become entrepreneurs as they learn how to create their company logo, design their advertising flyer, write scripts, and film their commercials using a high-tech green screen.

Movie Talk and Toppings

Students study film production with 15 weeks of lessons. In addition, students learn how to craft a movie critique using proper opinion writing essay structure.  This exciting opportunity promotes writing literacy, as well as introduces students to a career in film and journalism.

The Young Writer’s Society

Students study creative writing from concept to publication. In this 12 week course, students learn all the necessary writing concepts to write and publish their own short story, including common core and milestone curriculum. Each student’s work is published as a digital eBook on

To date, Lift2Enrich has helped over 50 young people write their first published work. The impact of this personal transformation is limitless. These youth are now eager to not only write more books, but more importantly, use their current success as a building block to higher education and beyond.

In the Biz

Teens harness their gifts and turn them into actual businesses. Students learn how to create a business plan, logo, flyer, and press release. In addition, this program teaches how to create interview questions and responses for media appearances. For the final project, students create a podcast recording that showcases their product or idea.

Imagination Writing Station

Confidence in writing and a lifelong love for literacy start here! Younger students will hone their writing skills through engaging projects, interactive literacy games, and fun writing assignments that are proven to build strong writers. These emerging writers will write or illustrate a short story, design a poster, learn about sequencing, improve their sentence structure, and practice cursive writing, all with the support of a writing coach.

“Glow Up” – Social and Emotional Wellness for Teens

With the help of a personal coach, teens learn what it takes to make smart choices, protect their personal brand, and avoid conflict. Students learn how to strengthen all areas of their social and emotional wellness, including soft skills that prepare students for future careers. This self-paced course helps teens navigate life with videos, assignments, journal prompts, and poignant discussions.  Is your teen ready to  glow up?


Having strong writing skills is an indicator of future success – it is a pathway to meaningful, higher-earning jobs and to a positive, stable, and productive future. Won’t you join our mission?

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