During these trying times, it’s easy to get frustrated or sad with the state of the world. Even if we can’t be with our loved ones this year – or if our holiday gatherings are a bit smaller – we can still make wonderful memories together with friends and family. Here are some creative ideas to connect.

  1. Play games: It never hurts to get a little competitive. There are endless apps and virtual games available these days. Download Words with Friends (or the like) and have a Scrabble tournament. Create some questions and fire up Zoom for a game of family trivia.
  2. Family profiles: Have younger family members interview older members, then write a fascinating biography chronicling their life.
  3. Recipe competition: Compete on small teams or individually, and appoint a panel of judges that will be your taste testers. See who creates the best recipe and crown a winner. (If you want to make things really interesting, don’t unveil the ingredients until right before they start cooking!)
  4. Social media: Expand your social media by creating a private family page to share family news or post encouraging messages.
  5. Create a vision board as a family. Come up with goals and put together a poster board of inspirational images and quotes that will keep you motivated all year long.
  6. Write a song as a family and perform it when finished. Use real instruments or see what household items you can use to make music.
  7. Create a family poem that tells your shared story. Reflect on all the good memories you share. Write about the hard times you went through together and how it made you stronger as a family.
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