1. Your child follows their own path.

That’s right! That defiant child who insists on doing things their way is a sure sign that that you have a creative child.  Has your child been engrossed in a project and totally ignored your request?  Maybe you’ve heard the common response, “In a minute” or worse yet “I’m busy”.  Creative children need to have time to… well, create.  They have the ability to tune out the world around them and focus intently on their next masterpiece.

2. Your child has the answer to everything.

Creative children are thinkers. They are always analyzing, imagining, and building imaginary worlds through their writing or art.  These children may come off as know-it-alls or opinionated. when actually, their brains are fired up when presented with anything that needs solving. However, this doesn’t necessarily apply to left-brain subject matters like math and science.  It is difficult to imagine the solution to a math equation or science experiment. On the contrary, wherever your creative child can formulate a picture in their mind, they generally will excel.

3. Your child has unconventional opinions.

They generally do not follow the crowd.  They would rather have a few close friends who believe in them than have the most likes or follows.  They blaze their own path and will signify this by their choice of clothing and hairstyle. They use their body to express art by standing out.

4. Your child loves their alone time.

Your creative child enjoys spending time alone in their own private space.  Actually, they are not alone. Hundreds of characters created by your child keep them company.  Every now and then you may hear a giggle coming from their room or see a random smile come across their face as they design the perfect protagonist.

5. You have an adventurous child.

Your creative child is always up for a good adventure.  How else will they create their next great story? When your child is ready to drag themselves out of their room, they want to see the world.  This may involve people-watching, hanging out with friends, spending time with the family, or walking the dog in the neighborhood. Everything is an adventure.


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